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wild food boxes

​We are happy to create a box of wild foods to see you through the week, to give as a gift to a friend, or to spice up a dinner party menu.

Depending on the time of year, your box could include garlic mustard and sweet cicely and sow thistle leaves or field garlic bulbils and lambsquarters shoots and king bolete mushrooms or powdered chanterelles and spicebush salt and dandelion roots.

Boxes are delivered on Saturdays. Checks received by Wednesday will guarantee the delivery of your box on Saturday. Please email us at if you want one, and we'll send further information about pick-up location and box contents.

$75 per box
10-12 different plants 3-4 servings of each
Fresh produce available between April and October. Preserved and stored items available through the winter

Miso with Wild Spinach, Wild Pea Shoots,
Stinging Nettle soup.jpg
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